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Vape Store Database - Needed

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I am in the process of starting up an eliquid company and I was wondering where I can buy some vape shop B2B Leads? I am currently trying to choose between The Eliquid Boutique (https://theeliquidboutique.co.uk) and WowItLoveItHaveIt (https://wowitloveithaveit.com). Both of these businesses are too expensive. Does anyone have any experience with these guys? Or would you say that it is better to scrape my own leads? I have my eyes set on the Search Engine Scraper and Email Extractor by Creative Bear Tech but whilst this bot is remarkably powerful, it may be a bit hard for a rookie like me. In any event, any help would be much appreciated. My budget is very slim so I am searching for one of the most budget-friendly options. Also, do you have any suggestions for an eliquid brand?

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Wrong area.

Dear, Unfortunately, ur question is something totally different from the focus of our forum, in this matter, we can't help u. I believe it's more convenient to look for other forums or sites specialized in the subject that u have doubt. By the same, the topic will be closed.

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